Simplifying Progress

We are living in the bio-century. Global medical knowledge is expanding at a rapid pace. But despite huge breakthroughs, many diseases, such as cancer, rheumatism or Alzheimer's, are still not curable.

Sartorius is part of the solution. We help to ensure that new scientific discoveries can be translated more quickly into effective patient care. With technologies, platforms and partnerships for a common goal: better health for more people.

Drug Discovery Has to Accelerate

The pathway to developing a new drug is long, arduous and expensive and success is often an uncertainty. The discovery process of biologics, derived from living cells, is complex and a major challenge for the biopharmaceutical industry.

With innovative tools, technologies and services we help people in the lab simplify workflows, minimize human errors and ultimately speed up their research.

Bioprocessing Has to Innovate

Biopharmaceuticals provide groundbreaking medical discoveries and offer patients new, impactful alternatives to traditional treatment options. Manufacturing technologies must evolve to accelerate the process of taking these innovations from the lab to the clinic.

Our technologies help simplify and accelerate biopharmaceutical process development through to commercial manufacturing.

Mission, Vision and Values of Sartorius

Good health and well-being is - according to the United Nations - considered one of the basic human rights and is a major indicator of sustainable development. It is our mission and our core business to help improve the health of more people. Consequently, good health and well-being are at the heart of our attempts to achieve more sustainability and our corporate purpose directly addresses one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 



At Sartorius, we empower scientists and engineers to simplify and accelerate progress in life science and bioprocessing, enabling the development of new and better therapies and more affordable medicine.



We are a magnet and dynamic platform for pioneers and leading experts in our field. We bring creative minds together for a common goal: technological breakthroughs that lead to better health for more people.



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