Roptex S.L. is an industrial automation engineering founded in year 2003 with professionals with extensive experience adquired in the 90. In this way, we overtake the programming and commissioning of PLC's and robots in our customer projects, building projects keys in hand. From the design until the training and maintenance from the installations. Under this line, we have a flexible production type with special attention to the last technologies. This work system permit us to secure our customers to get the delivery time with the best quality. We have a human team with high qualification in this area and this is because we offer a global service to our customers. Roptex is a World Wide supplier by the hand from our customers in the most important automotive industries around the world. The main application area from Roptex engineering is the automotive industry. In this area we are specialists in Body Shops automation. We have a big experience in the welding robot lines automation, handling, gluing, painting... in the automotive industry. We know the exigencies from every one of the final customers, also his engineering standards, and we have special attention to this with our customers. This is the reason because we work by the hand with our customers in front of the final customers to get the success in every project.

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