Nuorgam is the northenmost village fo Finnish Lapland, situated on the banks of famous salmo-river Teno, only a few kilometres from the Norwegian border, close to Arctic Ocean, on the top of EU, shelted by mighty fells.

Nuorgam Holiday Village (Nuorgam Arctic Holidays) is a small family-run, idyllic company located close to the village centre of Nuorgam. We offer unbroken silence, local lifestyle, pure arctic wilderness and wellness, relaxation, wide-open white sceneries, vibrant Sami culture with wide range of activities.

The capacity for accommodation is 40-50 guests. 

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Nuorgamin Lomakeskus
Nuorgamintie 4401
FI-99990 Nuorgam Finland

Mrs Marjatta Holmberg 

+358 400 294 669 |

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01 September 2022
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Participating: Online