Nordic Electro Power Oy is a full electrical service company that provides electrical work for industrial, power grid and real estate needs. Our services include automation and electrification setup for energy production, transmission, distribution and usage.

We take pride in the quality of our work and take great care in reaching high standards at every site we work on. We work in a professional and positive spirit in our innovative and fast-growing company. Our sertificates: ISO9001 & ISO14001

Some important values for us as an employer are supporting our employees’ professional know-how, helping them find and develop their strengths and making sure we provide good resources for working. We believe that a person brings out their best when they can work with tasks that support their strengths and interests. We are not bound to strict job descriptions and aim to tailor our tasks to fit each employee in the best possible way.

We are looking for skilled professionals with a good attitude towards work to join our team. We make sure that our office doors are opened with a good attitude every day. When we’re at work, we focus on work and enjoy it. Are you the next addition to our team? Apply now!

Do you have questions for us? We are available to chat with you during the event March 11, 2020 between 11.15-13.45 and 15.15-17.00.

Hot jobs

We are looking for workforce in for example the following:

- Electricians to work with electrification on buildings/construction sites in Finland and Sweden

- Electricians to work with industrial electricity installations in Finland

- Experienced, Swedish-speaking electricians to work on different projects in Sweden

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We provide services in all of Finland. Our headquarteres is situated in Vaasa, Finland.

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