Netled is a 360-degree vertical farming company and a one-stop shop for vertical farming. We design and build cutting-edge turn-key vertical farming technology and offer a suite of services for controlled environment agriculture operators.

Our Vera® vertical farming technology enables hyper-local, sustainable fresh food production anywhere.

Netled is the one-stop-shop for vertical farming, and a true turn-key project provider globally. We want your business to succeed. We support you throughout the entire growing process starting from facility design all the way to automated packaging.

With decades of experience in Controlled Environment Agriculture, vertical farming technology development and innovation, as well as planning and designing complete vertical farming operations, Netled is your perfect partner in indoor growing. We take pride in Netled’s proprietary Vera® technology, the most advanced vertical farming system in the world.

According to our customers, Netled is years ahead of the competition in terms of technology, know-how, and delivery capabilities. Do you want to be part of the future of food? Bring your vertical farming business ideas and let us take care of the rest.

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Annanmaankuja 2 A 2 33960 Pirkkala Finland +358 40 158 5581

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05 October 2022
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