Narvik kommune is a municipality in Northern Norway. The organization has about 2000 employees working in many different places throughout the municipality, and also in many different professional areas. Narvik is situated in the northern part of the county of Nordland, bordering Troms and Finnmark county to the north, and Sweden to the east. Narvik is the largest town, and the municipality has approximately 22.000 citizens as of 2020.

Narvik has an abundance of nature from fjords to mountains -  and activities related to this. The most spectacular ski area in the Nordics is found here, in a short distance from the town centre. You will also find it easy to find really nice spots for hiking, canoeing, diving and golfing! Throughout the year festivals are held all over the municipality as well. There is a short distance to the beautiful areas of Lofoten and Vesterålen, the national mountain of Stetind and Hamarøy. By railway you can reach Stockholm and the rest of Europe.

Narvik is thriving at the moment, and has put a lot of effort in travel business, green power, maritime activities, logistics and infrastructure. Narvik is home to a campus for UiT - Norways Arctic university, and the municipality has extensive collaboration with the university, the university hospital and local businesses. A new modern university hospital will open it's doors in 2023, and Narvik is also a candidate city for the FIS World Alpine Skiing Championships in 2027.

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Lars Erik Lillefloth

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