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Lapland University of Applied Sciences – The Northern Factor

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is the northernmost UAS in Finland and in the EU focusing on higher education and research, development and innovations.

Success in Arctic conditions and utilising the conditions are at the core. We have the Northern Factor.

This is us - Watch the video!


Lapland UAS offers high quality education in modern campuses with the state of the art study facilities and learning environments. Main campuses are located in Rovaniemi, at the Arctic Circle, and in Kemi and Tornio in the Sea Lapland region. Lapland UAS is a part of the Lapland University Consortium.

Lapland UAS is international and multidisciplinary. The degree programmes in Lapland University of Applied Sciences focus on Arctic competence. Lapland UAS offers 4 international BBA programmes and 1 Master programme in English and 19 BBA programmes and 11 Master programmes in Finnish. Every 5th student on campus is international. Read more:

Studying at Lapland UAS is practical and work-oriented with close collaboration with the companies of the area. Lapland UAS produces experts in development tasks of working life. The learning environments allow the theory to be applied in practice.

How is studying in Lapland UAS like? - Watch the video!


As an employer Lapland UAS is an open-minded, innovative community for all educational professionals. We are a community of 460 employees. The busiest time of the recruitment is usually spring time. Check our new open positions from our webpages:

Lapland is well connected, modern place that offers huge possibilities for the professionals!



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Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Jokiväylä 11 C

96300 Rovaniemi

Switchboard:  +358 20 798 6000


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