We are a city-owned tourism company that stands out from the rest. We make creative and bold solutions while respecting our owner, the city of Kemi and its residents, and operate respecting the rugged character of Sea Lapland.

We have decades of strong experience as the unique tourism operator in Lapland. We are known for the fact that we draw from the sea. We own and operate one of Finland’s most internationally known travel services. The Icebreaker Sampo is the world’s only A1 super-class passenger icebreaker, and it has been in tourism use since 1988 in Kemi. This ship, which moves on the icy sea in winter, is also a museum that tells the story of Arctic shipping.

We have developed into a trendsetter in snow construction over the years and today we offer snow, ice and sea experiences all year round. The SnowCastle of Kemi concept has been renewed and meets year-round needs from the point of view of tourists, local residents, and M&E customers. SnowCastle365 M&E house offers different and well-functioning settings for different types of meetings and events.

The SnowCastle area consists of our main building, the SnowCastle365, the Seaside Glass Villa accommodation area, and the Camping area in summer and the Winter Park in winter. The SnowExperience365 exhibition room in the main building serves as a year-round attraction. The facility has ice sculptures and ice slides, as well as snowy floors. Even in the heat of summer, you can enjoy a drink by the ice tables!

With our experience services, we can constantly develop our operations and hire professionals from different fields throughout the year to our versatile team. We are a responsible employer and our operations are based on sustainability in all aspects. Get to know our values, services and cooperation opportunities on our website and get in touch with us!

Hot jobs

We are now recruiting staff for the 22023-2024 winter season. We offer versatile work profiles in our attractions and services. You will have the possibility to work in several tasks during the season – all of them dedicated to the well-being of our customers.

We appreciate an open and positive attitude, customer service skills, flexibility and the ability to work well under pressure - situations can change quickly in the field of tourism. We require fluent spoken English, and appreciate German, French, Spanish and Chinese skills. You should have previous experience in customer service, and be able and willing to work outdoors in winter conditions. We offer you a fair employment relationship with a written contract that obeys the applicable laws on pay and other terms of employment (MaRa TES). We offer both seasonal employment and trainee positions. 

We are now hiring waiters and kitchen staff and guides. The work is shift work during the winter season. Depending on the task the employment relationship begins in December or January.

Icebreaker Sampo: guides, customer service

SnowCastle area: Maintenance workers, waiters, kitchen staff

We provide trainee positions in all of our venues. You can also work in several venues and/or tasks during your traineeship.

See our Staff experience -video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3alwQrFsz8s


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Send your applications to rekry@visitkemi.fi, remember to include your CV.
More information from our HR-Manager Anne Pietilä anne@visitkemi.fi or +358 40 746 2557.

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