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Kalundborg Municipality is a diverse municipality that spans over 600 square kilometers, surrounded by 160 kilometers of coastline, hosting a variety of educational institutions, and housing some of the world's most advanced biotech and energy production facilities. It is also home to a rich community life and a vibrant village culture.


The municipality is the workplace for approximately 4,000 employees, whose core task is to provide services for the approximately 48,000 citizens in the municipality, as well as for businesses, educational institutions, and a wide range of associations and organizations.


Kalundborg Municipality has a development strategy based on five pillars. According to the strategy, the municipality should be a good place to:

• Live

• Work

• Conduct business

• Educate oneself


Cities in Kalundborg Municipality

Kalundborg Municipality has 21 cities with at least 200 inhabitants. The largest city and administrative center is Kalundborg, where over a third of the municipality's residents live. In addition to Kalundborg, there are four central cities with populations ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 inhabitants: Høng, Gørlev, Svebølle, and Gørlev.



The tourism industry is important for Kalundborg Municipality both in terms of employment and economically. Today, tourism contributes to the growth and development of Kalundborg Municipality through turnover and the creation of up to 1,000 jobs, directly in the tourism sector and indirectly in other businesses, including retail.


Tourism is crucial for vibrant trading cities, service coverage in rural areas, and local cultural life. Tourists demand local food and unique city experiences. A well-functioning tourism sector has positive synergies on both settlement and other economic development in the municipality.


In Kalundborg Municipality, efforts are made to attract more tourists and to assist them in having a high-quality and experience-rich stay. The focus on tourism is intended for tourists interested in being close to nature and culture, existing residents who create and use our experience offerings, and future residents.


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Kalundborg municipality Holbækvej 141B 4400 Kalundborg Telefon: +45 59 53 44 00


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