We are remodelling & retrofitting Irish Homes with sustainable, secure, affordable and clean energy upgrades to achieve energy efficiency targets. With modern technology and high-tech materials we are leading Irelands construction industry into a better, greener future.

Located in the beautiful south-west Corks our team has a combined construction experience of more than 100 Years. We understand the needs of our clients and their properties, from 100-year-old Irish cottages to new dwellings:  We are delivering optimal insulation solutions.

I N S U L EX stands for:

I nnovation – advanced energy upgrade solutions for your home

N ext level – taking building standards to a higher level

S ervice – providing high quality services for everyone

U nderstanding the industrial and customer needs

L eadership – Leading Insulation Installers

EX ceeding  Expectations – we go above and beyond the call of duty

Company details
Contact details:

Phone: +353 21 477 8562

E-Mail: info@insulex.ie

Web: www.insulex.ie

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17 November 2022
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