IK Stavanger as is a supplier of niche services and products for pipe and pipelines. 

IK was established in 1987 to supply the oil and gas industry with pipe and pipeline services and products.

IK comprises of the following departments: Custom Built, Rental Service, Pipe Intervention, Instrumentation & Calibration, Torque Tension and IK-PEI.

The company is located at Forus, outside Stavanger, Norway. Our base includes facilities for the entire scope of our operations: offices and workshop facilities, as well as a warehouse and calibration laboratory. We also have a sister company in UK.

IK has invested in state of the art IT tools for engineering and administration to provide high quality and efficient project execution.

We take pride in being a solution provider for the oil and gas industry.

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IK Stavanger as Fabrikkveien 21, Forus N 4033 Stavanger Norway Phone: +47 51 44 32 00

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