Hostel IbedCity is one of the newest and northernmost capsule hostels in Rovaniemi. Situated in the very heart of the Santa´s home, it provides its customers with an opportunity to fall in love with the heart of Lapland. Wishing to create a cozy environment for travelers and tourists to enjoy while they are visiting Rovaniemi, our ultimate goal is to make their stay a unique experience.

Our hostel consists of 7 very originally decorated rooms and 1 family room. This includes 50 possible beds. More than that, it is well known that Finnish people are in love with sauna, and we believe that our guest would love to have an experience in visiting that. Our hostel is providing 2 saunas and also a hot tube.

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Veistajantie 1, 96910 Rovaniemi, Finland

+358 40 0538588

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