Henkilöstövuokraus Rent-X Oy - recruitment company Rent-X is a Finnish private company, started operations in 2006. We will find and rent for our partner companies professionals in different industries such as: metal and machineries, ICT, marketing and communications, retail, construction, security, cleaning and so on.

Our business is based on a solid staffing experience, reliable and transparent way of working and excellent partners. We are seeking professional staff in a continuous search of Finland, the EU territory, the EU's external territories and Russia. When we receive an order from the customer, we want to exceed our customer's wishes. Our employees are worth the gold. That is why our cooperation with companies and professionals is excellent.

Jobseeker -are you ready to start a new job?

You are looking for a permanent, full-time or part-time work? We can give you opportunities to find a job. There are different work positions our company can offer: hotel and restaurants, custom service, food industry. Logistics, transport, warehouse, manufacturing and construction. HR, management, IT, sales. Health care and social work.

Please contact us, if you are professional and want to work in Finland.

We find job you are looking for, make a contract of employment relationship with our customer company. We arrange all documents required by law, occupational health care and other conditions so you can concentrate to your work.

Hot jobs

Machinist/miller come to Finland!

We are looking for many professional machinist/miller to Finland. If you have experience and like to work over 6 months and more in Finland in engineering/machine companies, wellcome!

For example right now we are looking for CNC machinist/miller who can use Mazak HCN 6800 horizontal/vergical machinecenter. At least 2 years of work experience. Quite good english.

We also are looking for:

CNC-Heidehain -operator, who has over 2 years of working experience in machining. We hope horizontal or long milling machine experience. We also hope you can do with Mastercam. And are exact! English should be quite good.

Come to Finland to work!

Applications to info@rent-x.fi

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Contact details:

Nina From
Managing Director
+358 50 567 5580

Natalie Saarinen
Languages: English, Russian, Finnish
+358 40 717 0630

Gabriella Fodor

Languages: English, Hungarian, Finnish
+358 50 414 4960

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