On the west coast of southern Sweden is Falkenberg, a small town with 40,000 inhabitants. Falkenberg is a typical summer town that grows during high season. Falkenberg is best known for our long beach, salmon fishing and our nice city center. It is a small town, but close to major cities like Gothenburg and Malmoe.


Harrys is a Swedish, genuine restaurant chain. The warm welcome and the good, food are in center at Harrys. The restaurant chain Harrys started in Falkenberg in 1993 and there is now, more than 30 Harrys in Sweden. The restaurants are run by independent franchisees and partly by the mother company Harrys Pubar AB, headquartered in Gothenburg. The chain employs approximately 1,000 people in Sweden.


We are looking for waiters and bartenders to Harrys in Falkenberg. Perfect if you can do both. We are looking for persons who have experience or education, are passionate about quality and love service. You must be at least 18 years and fluent English is a requirement.

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Chef or sous chef?

As a chef at Harrys you need to be efficient and be able to deliver good, well-prepared food with continuity. We cook Swedish brasserie food with elements from all over Europe. Can this suit you?


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