Gerla Restaurants Ltd is a franchise of mcDonald's which begain in 1995 when our first Restaurant was opened in the Mill Centre Clondalkin.  Since then we have expanded to operate an additional four restaurants in the West Dublin region, Lucan Shopping Centre, Lucan Village, Liffey Valley Food Court and in 2011 Liffey Valley Retail Park. All of our restaurants are about 25min drive from Dublin Airport and 30 mins by bus to Dublin City Centre.  We are in busines for the past 22 years and employ 270 staff.  All of the restaurants are within 10 mins drive from each other.

We value our people and are committted to their development.  We understand that a team of individuals who are trained to delivery high standards and who work well together will ensure that we continue to be successful. We believe in the importance of giving people closest to the cutomer the appropriate responsibility and authority to do what is necessary to move the Company forward and to overcome any chanllenges they face.  We are a market leader because we are always looking to improve and develop new ideas.  We are honest and trustworthy in everything we do. We aim to be decent human beings who show by their words and actions that they have respect for others.

Our customers are our business.

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