FinVector Oy is a growing pharmaceutical company authorized by FIMEA, following the procedure of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). FinVector is internationally recognized and is a pioneer in its operational field.Finvector works on the cutting-edge biopharmaceuticals and we’ve invested into building state-of-the-art development and GMP facilities for Viral Vector and Cell Therapy platforms including vaccines. Our research and development agenda is focused on the most commonly used gene therapy vectors: adenoviral, adeno-associated viral (AAV) and lentiviral vectors and innovative cell therapies.  FinVector offers a versatile and responsible work environment and the work is done together with a group of professionals from various fields. FinVector is owned by Ferring Ventures and we are located in Kuopio, Finland.

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Technician's positions in our Manufacturing department (US, DS, Buffer, Drug Product -teams)

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Contact details: Microkatu 1 S FI-70210 Kuopio , Finland +358 (0)17 240 875

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05 October 2022
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