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This is Favn Servering

Our restaurant group consists of seven different restaurants, bars, and cafes, all located in the city center of Bodø, Norway:  Bjørk, Hundholmen Brygghus, OHMA, Sportsbaren, Brødrene Berbusmel, Txaba, and Piccadilly Pub - as well as another location of Bjørk at Bodø´s biggest mall (City Nord). The places are different in many ways; each has its own concept, atmosphere, soul, and unique specialties. Common to all is that they are run by people with a passion for good experiences – in terms of food and drink, service and atmosphere, community, and work environment. We make our own pasta, brew our own beer, host opera concerts from the smallest scene in the city, and serve freshly baked bread and pastry every morning. We use local suppliers as often as possible.

Our goal is to always deliver the best experiences to our guests, no matter the occasion.

Become a part of the Favn family

Are you interested in good food and drinks? Do you find joy in creating good experiences for others? Do you enjoy working in teams to achieve common goals? Then you already have a lot of what is needed to work with us.

Favn Servering is a well-established workplace with great growth and a safe and good working environment. Our goal is to be a workplace where our employees are proud of what they deliver. Our employees should feel included, seen, and heard. The opportunities for rotation, flexible work hours, and career development make us an attractive employer for many.

We are constantly growing, renewing, and evolving, and are always looking for skilled employees who can help lift us further. Do not hesitate to send us an open application to

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