The Faculty consists of the following departments and chairs: 1 Department of Core Courses Chair of Mathematics and Physics Chair of Mechanical Engineering and Foreign Languages 2 Department of Software Engineering Chair of Programming Languages and Systems Chair of Visual Computing 3 Department of Computer Engineering and Automation Chair of Computer Engineering Chair of Automation and Robotics 4 Department of Power Engineering Chair of Power Systems and Substations Chair of Power Plants and Energy Processes Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory 5 Department of Electromechanical Engineering Chair of Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Measurements Chair of Electric Machines and Power Electronics Electric Machines and Hybrid Electric Drives Laboratory 6 Department of Communications Chair of Radiocommunications and Telecommunications Chair of Electronics and Microelectronics Laboratory for High Frequency Measurements Faculty conducts following study programmes in Electrical and Computer Engineering: - Undergraduate university study programmes - Graduate university study programmes - Professional study programme - Postgraduate specialist study programme - Postgraduate university (doctoral) study programme

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