The European Chemicals Agency works for the safe use of chemicals. We are a regulatory agency of the European Union. We implement the EU’s chemicals legislation to protect your health and the environment. Our work also contributes to a well-functioning internal market, innovation and the competitiveness of Europe’s chemicals industry.

Chemicals make modern life possible – everything is made from them. Better knowledge and regulation of harmful chemicals protects workers, consumers and the environment, makes recycling easier, and encourages industry to develop safer alternatives.


Inspiring Workplace

As we have achieved excellent results in our most recent staff survey (2021), ECHA has been awarded a recognition as one of Finland's most inspiring workplaces. This acknowledgement signals a high employee engagement level and indicates that the agency develops the organisation, staff wellbeing, operating culture and collaboration together with staff.
The recognition is given to Finnish organisations that achieve outstanding results in the PeoplePower® employee survey carried out by Eezy Flow.



ECHA offers mainly two different types of position: temporary agents and contract agents.  A temporary agent contract has the duration of five years with the possibility of renewal for a definite period. If renewed for a second time, the contract will be for an indefinite period. The duration of contracts for contract agents is a maximum of three years with the possibility of renewal for a definite period. If renewed for a second time, the contract will be for an indefinite period. 

Our vacancies are published on the ECHA's website. We are regularly publishing calls for technical, administrative, advisory, linguistic, scientific and other profiles.



There are up to 20 graduate traineeship opportunities per year in scientific fields such as chemistry, toxicology, biology, environmental science and technologies, and administrative duties such as law, communications, finance, human resources and ICT. The traineeships usually start in the beginning of March or September.

The trainee scheme is designed for:

  • Recent university graduates and holders of a technical or professional qualification of an equivalent level in fields relevant to applicable chemicals legislation or other fields relevant to the administration tasks of an EU institution.
  • Public or private sector employees engaged in graduate-level work in fields relevant to applicable chemicals legislation.

Traineeships may last from three to six months and may not be extended beyond six months.

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If you have questions about job opportunities at ECHA, please meet us in the chat room from 11:00 - 14:00 (CET).

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