Elastic Mobile is enhancing business critical solutions with the strength of internet-of-things, mobile technology and cloud infrastructure, always focusing on security. We call it mobilization. Elastic Mobile integrates and enhances existing business systems with internet-of-things solutions and cloud integration. All our solutions involve cloud technology. We also act as project managers and designer for cloud migration projects and general cloud strategy programs. We started in 2009 and are working with IAAS and primary Amazon Web Services on a deep technical level since then. We are one of a few certified AWS consulting partners in Sweden.

We perform evaluations of security as a neutral party, often in business critical cloud-based solutions. We follow the guidelines set up by MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency.

One theme of mobilization is collection of distributed data, by a large number of local mobile data connection, uploading data to cloud based databases. In the cloud, data is aggregated, processed and analysed. The analysis can be visualized in graphics, presented on web- or app-based solutions.

Elastic Mobile is based at Ideon Science Park, Lund. We have international customers today, but our focus is still the Swedish market.

More info: www.elasticmobile.se

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