We’re building the future of software development. Our mission is to make product creation fun again. From ideation to building. From release to the future. Eficode is a software and design company that helps its clients to succeed in software production. For those who want to focus purely on business, we develop excellent software.

We are available in online chat both on Wed and Thu from 9-16:30 Finnish time (EET)!

- Roots in Helsinki, Finland but we are present all over Scandinavia with offices in Tampere, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen

- Over 200 rock-solid experts in Software development, Devops, Big data, Service Design, Usability study, User experience, User research, UX design, UI design and Accessibility

- Major references like Rovio, Danske Bank, VR, Elisa, Suunto and YLE

- An average track record of 50 % decrease in failure and 18 % lower costs amongst our Devops clients

- At the moment we are heavily growing in Sweden and Denmark: please see our open positions in www.eficode.com/careers

- #efilife in social media

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