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To bring the magic to life, Disneyland® Paris can count on the commitment and expertise of multiple talents called Cast Members.

Disneyland® Paris is a company where dreams truly come true. Our Cast Members work in hundreds of operations and support professions, on stage or behind the scenes. Their mission: to provide each visitor an unforgettable Disney experience. The passion and enthusiasm of our teams have made our company the number one tourist destination in Europe!

Dreaming involves great responsibilities. For our destination, long-term performance must be based on a responsible tourism model. We have made very important socio-environmental commitments, which we strive to materialize with the constant involvement of our employees and stakeholders. Disneyland Paris is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, an international leader in the entertainment and media sector.

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Bâtiment Bellini
5 Avenue Hergé - 77700 Chessy

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11 October 2022
Participating: Online