"Der Brunnenhof" is german restaurant in Lower Franconia (North Bavaria). The next bigger cities are Wurzburg, Schweinfurt, Bamberg. We offer franconian and bavarian specialties in our restaurant with 120 seats inside and 120 seats outside. Main season is during spring, summer and autumn. In january we close for 4 weeks and in june for 1 week for vacation.
You can find more information on the internet: www.der-brunnenhof.de

The restaurant is located in an excursion area with many vineyards, a path through the treetops in the forest and many attractions. nature, hiking and wine attract many guests.

I can offer full time jobs for the season or all year (with appropiate qualification). Of course we help to find an appartment in the near of the restaurant. Employees can be supplied during working hours in the house without additional costs. Of course we give a refund of travelling expenses.

Our restaurant is opened from wednesday to sunday from 11 o'clock throughout the whole day. Mondays and tuesdays we are closed.

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Der Brunnenhof

Handthal 6

97516 Oberschwarzach


Tel. 09382 99828

Fax: 09382 99827

Mail: info@der-brunnenhof.de



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