Danmar Computers is a private company providing vocational training in the field of Information Technology and developing e-learning and customised ICT solutions. It deals with: trainings, developing programs and training materials, counselling, designing web pages and mobile applications, web campaigns and e-learning systems. The technical staff has capability to develop any modern web and mobile applications, utilizing database technologies, web servers and application servers. That includes social and cloud services, both from client and server side. Danmar Computers has designed and developed a project management system - AdminProject. It currently is the only product on the market dedicated to the management of European projects.

Company details
Contact details:

Phone: +48 17 853 66 72
Fax: +48 17 852 54 29
Adress: ul. Hoffmanowej 19, 35-016 Rzeszów

E-mail adresses:
General: danmar@danmar-computers.com.pl
Training: szkolenia@danmar-computers.com.pl
Exams: testy@danmar-computers.com.pl
Consultations and support: konsultacje@danmar-computers.com.pl
Webmaster: admin@danmar-computers.com.pl