The CPL consists of several companies each targeting different markets and offers several kinds of services, all related to work and human resources. Some of the companies within the group act solely as recruiters - finding and selecting candidates for specific roles or job-vacancies for their customer which their customer can then hire (or not). This resourcing work is done for external customers as well as finding people for their own activities not solely within the recruitment sector, such as for CPL Solutions Ltd. take over complete departments of their customers organisations and run it more or less independently: based on the agreed activities, CPL hires the people and are fully responsible for the running of that specific department. The CPL employees work at the offices of CPL's customers, and some of the departments run in 'mixed' mode where part of the lower management is from the customer and part of them is CPL employees.

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Cecilie Uldall JensenĀ 

Ph: 00353 16 14 6064


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