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Cutting-edge technology projects. Leading life-science expertise. Clean solutions for global markets. World-class research opportunities. The most employee-friendly working hours. And so much more.

Turku is the city at the centre of the most dynamic and innovative business region in Finland. The (b)oldest city in Finland, Turku represents science, culture, and sustainable development.

Right now, the region is particularly on the lookout for experts in the following fields:

  • Health tech and life science
  • AI, robotics and automation, cloud services
  • Renewable energy and clean solutions 
  • ICT professionals of all stripes

The companies in the Turku region are rapidly internationalising, and English is becoming more prevalent as a working language. If you can read this, you're most likely good to go!

Career in Turku and Southwest Finland is a collaborative initiative that aims to attract and welcome highly skilled internationals, and get them to stay and thrive in the region long-term. The initiative coordinated by Business Turku is part of the national Talent Boost programme.

We organise events, connect companies and international talents and provide link to services available for incoming international talents in the Turku region. We also maintain a job board that lists all open positions in Southwest Finland that do not require either Finnish or Swedish.


Hot jobs

We maintain a database of open vacancies in the Turku region. None of the positions listed in the link below require Finnish or Swedish. The jobs cover a wide range of fields in Turku-based companies, organisations and institutes of higher education. Check back often!

Tech jobs in Turku this spring

Job openings - Career in Southwest Finland

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