We are future-oriented trailblazers, experts and problem-solvers. We create the working life of the future by developing the solutions that help people and businesses grow.

We are the leading private employment agency in Finland. In addition to Finland, we operate in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and Russia. We solve the challenge of finding the right employee fit with new and creative methods. For our clients, we offer visionary and boldly future-oriented partnerships. For our employees, we offer exciting opportunities at all stages of their careers.


The nature of work is changing. Digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics make each day different than the last. At any point, someone may launch an earth-shattering innovation. As new types of work and new fields are emerging, others are fading into history. Attitude and ability determine who can keep up with the competition. Our attitude is rooted in our Nordic background.  Baronans exemplify the hard work, guts and resilience associated with the Nordic peoples.  We take on challenges without fear of hard work and we approach them creatively, taking advantage of the latest technology.

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We are a group of companies operating in several industries whose mission is to take society and the economy towards a better future. Though we operate internationally, our roots are dug deep in the Finnish soil.

The future is always full of uncertainties, but we see one full of possibilities: new and more effective ways of working, developing society and doing business.

By creating tailored and innovative solutions to impending challenges, we help our clients face the future with their full potential.

Together, the independent members of our community form a close-knit family united by the same set of values.

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Recruiter -  Alina Demenštein tel +37256223006 alina.demenstein@barona.ee 

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