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The story begins here…

The extraordinary history of France has left us with beautiful palaces, fascinating characters and epic tales to enjoy. Airelles Exceptional Properties have been inspired by these three elements in terms of architecture, decoration and art. At its inception, Airelles consisted of two institutions: Courchevel and Gordes. Today, there are four houses opening their doors around France, each of which place the country’s fascinating history at the heart of the establishment.

Each property has its own identity: relish the magic of a nineteenth century Austro-Hungarian palace at Airelles Courchevel, the charm of an eighteenth stately home at La Bastide in Gordes and nobility of an Alpine medieval citadel at Airelles Val d'Isère. And then there is Le Grand Contrôle at the Palace of Versailles, which is immersed in France’s regal past.

In addition to the Airelles Properties, Aman Le Mélézin and Le Chalet de Pierres in Courchevel, La Folie Douce and the Refuge de la Traye in Méribel, Jardin Tropézina and Zetta in Saint-Tropez or even La Bastide de Pierres in Gordes and Le Château d'Estoublon in Provence are part of the collection.

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