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ABP Food Group works with a network of over 45,000 farmers and is renowned for paying its suppliers on the day of delivery at strategically located local abattoirs that minimise animal transport distances.

ABP Food Group contributes an estimated €1.3bn each year into the rural economies in which it operates.

We recognise that the farmers who supply meat to us are vital partners in ensuring that the quality of our product is maintained and traceability is ensured.

Our core business – ABP Beef – is supported by its renewable, pet food and protein divisions, which combine to ensure the value of by-products is maximized and the environmental impact of our business and customers is minimized.

Founded in Ireland in 1954, ABP Food Group is a global food producer supplying high quality beef and lamb for the retail, foodservice and manufacturing sectors. We work alongside a network of over 45,000 farmers, across Ireland, Poland & the UK and help contribute an estimated €1.3bn each year into the rural economies in which we operate. As our business has evolved, we have widened our focus beyond food production. Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do and as such our meat processing is supported by three complementary divisions: renewables, proteins and pet foods. This unique circular economy allows us to minimise waste by utilising our by-products across our other divisions. This reinforces our vision to secure a more sustainable future for everyone.

At ABP, we are committed to people who are aligned to our core values and passionate about our industry. With over 4000 employees across Ireland and Poland, our people are integral to how we do business. It’s imperative that we are as dedicated to our team as they are to us. No matter what stage of their career we empower our people to take ownership in their roles.  We are committed to developing and upskilling our people across all areas of our business, leading the change and bringing the next generation of leaders join us at the forefront.

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28 March 2019
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