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Our company is located in Sälen, Scandinavian Mountains, at Kläppen Ski Resort.

It is quiet and absolutely still. Not a breath of wind. Not a sound. Just the first rays of the sun, the snow-covered mountains and the silence. There’s something magical about being out first on a morning like this. Twenty centimetres of sparkling fluffy powder are more enticing than the newly groomed corduroy from last night. Each minute feels like ten, but suddenly a familiar noise is heard and the lift starts to move. Soon we’re at the top of the mountain. First. The snow is pristine in front of us and together we head eagerly down the slope, our tracks drawing eights in the feathery powder snow and broad smiles on our faces all the way down. And up again.

2 hours later you start working :) 

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Magnus Wieselqvist




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21 Octubre 2021
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