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H10 Hotels was founded in the early 80s when it began operating in Spain's main vacation destinations. The company has 66 hotels in 23 destinations, making up a total of more than 16,000 rooms, most of which are owned. H10 Hotels is one of the top 10 hotel companies in Spain and is currently in an expansion phase in the Caribbean and Europe. H10 Hotels' commitment is to satisfy its customers by offering them privileged comforts, specialized services, carefully selected cuisine, and facilities that are constantly updated to ensure the highest quality. Our experience of more than 40 years in the hotel sector is based on our commitment to service, integrity, and the continuous application of high-quality standards in everything we do. With the aim of compiling all these principles, values, and norms of conduct that should govern our company, the H10 Hotels Ethical Code was approved in July 2017. All employees, executives, administrators, and collaborators of H10 Hotels, as well as their clients, partners, suppliers, and, in general, anyone who is related to H10 Hotels must follow this Ethical Code.

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Adrià Romeu Recarens 

Recruitment H10 Hotels  - Costa Daurada.


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