Austria is one of the places to be if you want to work where others are staying for holidays, enjoying a perfect winter landscape or the mountain paradise in summer. Every year the Austrian winter tourism e.g. generates an income of EUR 12bn. To be able to deal with the incoming flow of tourists we are looking for YOUR support!

This is your ideal opportunity:

- for a personal conversation with Eures-advisers from Austria

- to use the possibility to gain work experience abroad

- to secure your job for the summer – or winter season!

You speak good German and English, have some work experience in the tourism sector and are interested in working for an Austrian company? Then you are one-step away from finding the perfect job for you!



Waiters / waitresses for restaurant, bar or hotel


- A relevant vocational training

- Good knowledge of the German language (B1), fair up to good knowledge of English

- Readiness to work in stressful situation and self-reliant

We offer:

- Seasonal work, temporary employment

- In summer between June and October, in winter from December until April

- Working hours: five- or six-day week

- MINIMUM SALARY: depending on function and level. Overtime compensation is calculated additionally. Overpayment according to vocational training and professional skill is possible. Furthermore, free meals and lodging are offered.

Employer: job advertisements for several registered employers in “Salzburger Land” (Austria)


Reference: "Employers' Day 2021"

Contact: Herr Marc Daveloose, EURES Advisor Salzburger Land


Job details
Occupation field:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Up to 2 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Good
  • German
  • Good
Salary range:
Date of expiry:
Link for more information:
About company

Ofizielles Arbeitsmarktservice in Österreich - Salzburger LandDas Arbeitsmarktservice - kurz AMS - ist das führende Dienstleistungsunternehmen am Arbeitsmarkt in Österreich. Wir vermitteln Arbeitskräfte auf offene Stellen und unterstützen die Eigeninitiative von Arbeitsuchenden und Unternehmen durch Beratung, Information, Qualifizierung und finanzielle Förderung.Wir suchen für Hotel-… Read more