Persequor is a modern Danish software development company specialized in creating scalable solutions for the track’ n ‘trace industry. The software is delivered in close collaboration with its partners to major industry players and governments around the world. We are expanding and things are going well, therefore we are looking for new colleagues to join our team!


As the Technical Project Lead in our Delivery Department, you will be part of a highly skilled team. Your role will include the management, implementation and the delivery of projects from inception to completion by coordinating and planning activities in a multi-disciplinary team. You will interact with clients and technical stakeholders to understand the requirements, challenges, and expectations. With your solid technical understanding, you will be a close advisor to the client in regard to the solution and possibilities.

You will be part of a company culture based on collaboration, shared responsibility, and on highly iterative development process.

We favour above all the relevancy of technical solutions coming from the team: the hierarchy is flat, and the process of decision making is collaborative – we strive towards choosing good solutions no matter who came up with them. We are a diverse team of international employees working together at our office hub located in the city centre of Copenhagen.

Our technical stack is mainly based on open source technology, like Linux, Docker, Cassandra & MariaDB, with the applications themselves built in Java.


You are a tech savvy Project Lead, with proven experience in all the phases of project management from scoping out the work, establishing the project to engaging teams. By nature, you play an active role in the execution of the projects, being a contributing factor in its success. Your solid understanding of the product will enable you to fill in the gaps in the project, find any potential misalignment at an early stage and provide relevant inputs to the clients. At the same time, you will convey the needs of the clients into our organisation, often on a technical detailed level.

We are looking for team players willing to find, solve and implement solutions in a collaborative way. Indeed, we do understand that software development bring value when it is driven by real business needs and requirements.


The recruitment process will as a minimum require you to:

  • Meet the Head of Delivery to ensure a technical and social match.
  • Meet with the Managing Director to discuss terms, expectations, etc. and conclude a contract.

Persequor is not looking for contractors, agents, off-shore, etc. but motivated and gifted candidates willing to take part in Persequor’s journey as a team member, colleague, and dedicated professional.


The Danish recruitment agency Moving Talent is taking care of the recruitment process. Please contact Kenneth Oldenburg at if you have further questions or would like to apply for the position.

Job details
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Between 2 and 5 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Fluent
Number of positions:
Date of expiry:
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