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Job offer description

“Functional programming is the language of the future.”

If that is what you firmly believe, we got THE company for you!

We are proudly partnering with a blue-chip company that has been setting up the standards in the functional programming sector for many years now.

By joining their lines, you will not only boost your career better, but you will also be learning from the brightest minds in functional programming. Learning from the best of the best. La crème de la crème. With incredible opportunities to grow and leave a footprint where you only dreamt you someday could.


What makes this position so unique in our opinion?

  • We are talking about one of the biggest names in the sector.
  • Giving back to the community is one of their core values, and they are deeply involved in encouraging its growth.
  • Sustainability takes an important part in their efforts.
  • You will evolve the Elixir / Erlang / OTP open-source eco-system – used by major Nordic and European brands.
  • As a consultant, you will have exposure to many different technologies to further your learning.


Role insights:

Since you will be working in a consultancy, you will get your hands on a variety of thrilling challenges (in fintech, health, entertainment, IoT…) alongside with the best experts in the field that will offer you support when you need it.

You will also work closely with customers, and since you may have been advocating for functional programming for a while, we hope you’ll enjoy developing reliable, secure, and scalable software systems with them.

Get ready to get out of your comfort zone, mr. future consultant! And get also ready to absorb knowledge like a sponge. Learning and growing are more than guaranteed. But fear not, their cohesive team of experts has got your back. Make sure you share your knowledge with them too though!


Skills and Experience

  • You are passionate about working with Elixir / Erlang / OTP technology.
  • You are a problem-solver enthusiast.
  • You are a Quick learner.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You enjoy building reliable, secure, and scalable systems serving millions of parallel users, handling billions of transactions per day.
  • You find joy in Knowledge-sharing with the team.

Offered Salary up to 65k SEK/month

If this sounds exciting to you and you would like to take up your next challenge, please contact me!

Job details
Education field:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Between 2 and 5 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Very good
Salary range:
Not provided
Date of expiry:

About company

Smart Hire IT is destined to revolutionise Technical Talent Acquisition in the Nordics – the continent’s most advanced digital economy; Europe’s “Silicon Valley”. From the beginning of the global pandemic where the global economy suffered, Smart Hire IT strived and served businesses with great success – creating jobs and supporting businesses in transforming life as we know it. From tech… Find out more