RD Technology Center is a contract manufacturer in the technology industry operating in North Savo, Finland.

The company has been operating since 1998 and its customers are leading international companies in their field. Committed personnel and a modern machine base enable reliable customer service in all situations. The company is constantly investing in the latest technology and know-how.


RD Technology Center is looking for Mig-Mag welders (10) in Kiuruvesi



- Motivation for new learning and an active approach to independent work

- Minimum of 3 years of experience in MIG/MAG welding 

- Degree on welding

- Ability to read welding drawings 

- English language skill - ability to communicate well with team 

- Optional: Send a video of a work sample or pictures



WHAT WE OFFER (in cooperation with our partners): 

- Excellent international working environment

- Opportunity to work both independently and in a team 

- Salary: for the first 6 months during trial period 10 euros/hour and after that according to Collective Agreement for Employees in Technology Industry and according to employees' skills

- Example of salary during first six months and after trial period plus information on taxation and costs of living, please see end of this job advertisement for more information

- Working hours: 5 days a week, 8 hours per day

- Full time job, permanent contract (after trial period)

- Paid professional development education during first year of employment in cooperation with high-quality Finnish educational institution - you get basic or professional degree depending on your current skill level





The package includes:

- Guidance on document handling and registration process in Finland

- Practical help to settle down in Finland: apartment, registration, taxes, telephone subscription, schools, childcare etc. 

- Education and courses to improve your professional skills, as mentioned above

- Finnish language course

- Assistance if you want to bring your family with you 

- Info package on leisure time activities and other useful information

- If needed, work permit is covered by the employer and the cost is later recovered from the salary during 3 months

- The City of Kiuruvesi warmly welcomes you to live in this lovely place and helps in finding an apartment for you and your family. The rental deposit is paid for by the city.




- Safe and clean working environment

- With permanent contract you are entitled to 4 weeks paid vacation every year (after 1 year of employment)

- The employer offers occupational health care services to all employees

- Safe and natural place to live for you and your family. Recruitment team also helps in finding a job for your spouse and helps children to get to school or kindergarten.

- Also costs of living are affordable compared example to the southern parts of Finland. Everything is close by you; Hobbies, schools, shops, day care etc.


If your question concerns moving to Finland, housing or other, please contact international employment advisors by email to eures.pohjois-savo@te-toimisto.fi (Your EURES contacts in North-Savo Samuli Miettinen or Seliina Varis). PLEASE WRITE TO MESSAGE TITLE "RD GROUP"


We are building a new international team and welcome you to join us to work in the world's happiest country!




Job applications (CV, application letter and possible work samples) can be sent to eures.pohjois-savo@te-toimisto.fi with the title "RD Group"

Deadline for applications is 30.11.2022, but applications will be processed during application period, so if you want to apply, please act quickly.


Work starts: As soon as possible or January-March 2023


Example of costs of living and salary in Finland 

Salary during trial period 10e/hour (first six months). After trial period, salary is reviewed according to Collective Agreement for Employees in Technology Industry and according to employees' skills. 

Monthly income approx. 1600 euros during trial period. Taxation in Finland is in this case approx. 0-20 % depending on your yearly income. After taxes you would have approx. 1500 euros. After trial period you can earn approx. 1621-2444 euros per month plus 5-26 % of personal salary supplement, which depends on the criteria.

Costs of living: Rent 400-600 euros for one-room apartment (plus electricity deal + home insurance, in some places water rate may be included to rent), monthly food costs approx. 200 euros. Please note that in Finland apartments are not usually fully furnished, so it remains for the future resident to purchase.



Get to know company: www.rdgroup.fi

About Kiuruvesi https://www.kiuruvesi.fi/In-English

Welcome to Finland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZslYLYzwIO8  

About Finland: https://finland.fi/


Work in Finland: https://tyomarkkinatori.fi/en/personal-customers/internationality/coming-to-finland-from-abroad 


Your EURES contacts in Kuopio: Samuli Miettinen, samuli.miettinen@te-toimisto.fi & Seliina Varis, seliina.varis@te-toimisto.fi 



COVID 19 information:



Job restrictions

Job requires basic good physical health

Job details
Education field:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Between 2 and 5 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Fair
Required skills:
use welding equipment, welding techniques
Salary range:
10 - 14 EUR
Date of expiry:
Link for more information:
About company

RD Group is a technology company consisting of two subcompanies, Debomix and RD Technology Center, that currently employ approximately 75 technology professionals in total at three different plants in the municipality of Vieremä and the city of Kiuruvesi in North Savo area in Eastern Finland. Long-term customer relationships of leading companies operating in the international market have created… Read more