Within the Group IT Security & Cyber Threat area we are looking for a IT & Cyber Security Specialist. The security of customers, employees and commercial partners data, and the continuity of our business services and activities, are one of the most important priority of Securology SRLS. We are proud to have our own in-house team of Cyber Security experts who take care of the continuous defense of Securology SRLS, both the preventive protection of products and projects, as well as the detection and defense against hackers attacks, ensuring a coordinated response to the increasing cyber security threats. We're looking for highly motivated and experienced individuals to join our growing Cyber Security team, with a demonstrated history of working in the field. These roles will cover specializations and will perform tasks associated with the execution and continuous further improvements in a wide range of different technical Cyber Security disciplines, like defensive and detection technologies, cyber threat intelligence, incident response and forensics investigation, malware reverse engineering, SIEM and security analytics, red teaming and technical penetration testing.

Job requirements

The candidate has to be in possession of skills, and demonstrate solid practical hands-on experience, in most of the following areas:
•    Main concepts for administration and security of multiple operating system (e.g. MS Windows, UNIX, Linux, MacOS, Android) and related system logs format
•    Solid understanding of network protocols and technologies, and ability to perform traffic analysis with common tools (e.g. Wireshark, TCPDump)
•    Ability to execute vulnerability assessment activities operated with some of the main commercial and open scanning tool (e.g. Nessun, NMAP, Qualys)
•    Perform penetration tests on complex applications and systems, with practical experience in using exploit tools (e.g. Metasploit, BurpSuite, Kali Linux)
•    Proficiency in create and customize automation tools using multiple common programming / scripting languages (e.g. Python, Powershell, Bash, PERL, Ruby, PHP)
•    Ability to perform static and dynamic malware analysis and reverse engineering, with commercial and open source tools (e.g. Cuckoo Sandbox, YARA, Virus Total)
•    Solid understanding of EDR concepts for performing threat detection / response and forensics analysis, and experience in working with some of the main commercial tools (e.g. CrowdStrike, ATP Defender, Cortex)
•    Understanding of the life cycle (so called "Kill Chain") of cyber security attacks, th an understanding of intrusion set tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and experience in design and develop detective controls / use-cases along the Kill Chain
•    Ability to understand and performing analysis of security events in central tools (e.g. SIEM, Syslog) and practical experience in working with some of the main commercial tools (e.g. Splunk, QRadar)
•    Knowledge of typical core security prevention and detection tools (e.g. FW, IDS, WAF, AV, proxy) and performing analysis of related security events and logs
•    Understanding of cloud computing models, technologies and concepts, with experience in working in most common cloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Our ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:
Must have
•    Bachelor degree, preferred in Computer Science and Engineering, or comparable training with professional experience in the relevant area
•    Certification related to technical security (e.g. GIAC, OSCP, CEH) and willingness for continuous further qualification in relevant topics
•    Solid work experience in a global organizations
•    Excellent written and oral knowledge and fluence in English
Soft skills
•    Ability to work in large international projects related to strategic topics and transformation initiatives
•    Demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a diverse and cohesive team of technically interested colleagues
•    Demonstrated enthusiasm for Information Security (e.g. GitHub repo, blogs, presentations, conference talks, participation participated in free skill-building / hacking challenges)
•    Strong analytical and communications skills, and out-of-the box thinking with a problem-solving mind-set

Job details
Education field:
Work experience:
Work experience is required
Duration of work experience:
Between 2 and 5 years
Language skills:
  • English
  • Good
Number of positions:
Date of expiry:
About company

We are an Start-up company since two years . We have an 30 years old experiences in It Support and Security .The old Company has migrate to new one to upgrade and involve the new Project . The Core Business is related to Digital Forensics Analisys , Digital Innovations, differents project for Telemedicina and in the new green economy market. We have in place differents project for Turism Green Economy. The Company has differents expertise in Data collection and analisys. Read more