Support agent for Luxemburg level 1 à 3 de junior à Sénior.



The service provider will be part of the EIPP (European Investment Project Portal) team, working in close collaboration with other service providers and officers. The team, composed of 5/6 members, is responsible for the development and successful implementation of the EIPP. 

Service Desk on the screening of the received project applications, other supporting activities linked to IT use and development, and communication on the IT tool (see point 2). 



1. Service Desk Support to the users of the EIPP website 

 Assist external users of the system to submit and update their applications on the Portal 

 Assist external users to manage their access rights in the system. 

 Recording and tracking requests in a system 

 Prepare reporting 

 Write useful guidelines to the attention of the external users 

 Modify data in the database 


2. Screening of the applications received for publication on the Portal 

 Validate the applications received by applying a methodology internally defined 

 Proceed to the necessary operations related to the translation of applications received in a language other than English (use machine translation and POETRY by applying strictly a predefined procedure) 

 Write and reply to emails coming from stakeholders; Apply software used at the EC (ARES and Decide) 

 Participation in technical working groups/workshop regarding the integration of the process in the IT website 

 Prepare monitoring reports 

 Production of technical documentation (e.g. procedures, checklists) 

 Participation in meetings/discussions with some representatives of the Commission and third parties. 

 Communication activity for internal and external stakeholders in cooperation with other Commission Services (including presentation/demonstration of the IT tool at conferences) 

 Monitoring of dissemination results 



 Organisation of events to present and promote the EIPP IT tool and to disseminate information on the scope and objectives of the EIPP. 


 Methodology: 

– Internal manual of procedures 

– Guidelines for the Helpdesk 

 IT tool: 

– Client: PC with standard ECFIN configuration 

– Use of the following IT applications: 


Internal EC applications: Decide (Webservices), ARES (Webservices) ECAS; POETRY/machine translation; other internal Tool developed for the purpose of the contracts 

Windows environment + use of external databases (Orbis, ABAC) 

Share Point 



Support Agent –Level 5 : professional experience in providing support services, including communication activities, fluency in English

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Language skills:
  • English
  • Very good
  • French
  • Good
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