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Work in Lapland

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01 September 2022
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Visitor Toolkit - Finland




Whether you are moving to Finland as a single person or with your family, you will have many questions that will need answering. Here you will find an extensive toolkit of reliable and up-to-date information from the etiquette of taking sauna to establishing your own business. Start here to begin planning your move and making your transition to Finland that much easier.


Your guide for living in Finland ( - a comprehensive guide in 12 languages about moving to and living in Finland 

Jobs in Finland - Find a list of jobs in Finland 

Finding work in Finland – a Job Market  

Why work in Finland? 

Digital and population data service agency - provides services for the life events of its customers 

Welcome to Finland guide – A 68-page guide in 13 languages from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland 

Living in Åland – Finnish archipelago 

Finnish taxation 

All you need to know about the Finnish taxation system 

Coming to work for a Finnish employer 

Social Insurance 

Whether moving to Finland temporarily or permanently, about to start work or looking for work, this guide covers all the basics on social security. 

Quick guide when you move to Finland by KELA (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland). 

Finnish Immigration Service 

Finnish Immigration Service  Information on how to apply Eu registration, residence permit etc. 

EU citizens: FAQ

Finnish Immigration Service FAQ 

EnterFinland – E-service for submitting your application to the Finnish immigration service  (you can also watch a video on how to apply through E-services) 

Licensing and authorisation of social welfare and healthcare professionals 


Recognition and international comparability of qualifications 

Finnish national agency for education 

Hygiene Passport 

Those who work in the food industry must have basic knowledge of food hygiene in order to ensure food safety.  

A person has to have a hygiene passport if: they work on food premises and handle unpackaged easily perishable foodstuffs. 

Food premises are for example cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants, institutional kitchens, food shops, bakeries and factories producing foodstuffs. 

Finnish Food Authority –online service 

Online service contains information about public services, forms and news released by the public administration

Where to learn Finnish or Swedish 

Studying Finnish online 

Studying Finnish – how to find Finnish language courses. 

Venla – Free Finnish online self-study material 

Study Finnish or Swedish 

Information about Lapland

Lapland - Introduction to Lapland

Welcome to Lapland - Lapland information from Visit Finland



One more sleep!

One more sleep until Santa.. I mean, Work in Lapland is here! (Although, you just might get a glimpse of the big guy too. ;))

Tomorrow is the big day and we start sharp at 10.00 CET. Now is the perfect time to do some last minute polish on your CV, upload it, and apply to jobs that interest you!

See you tomorrow!


Work in Lapland team

Work in Lapland is just around the corner!

Hello everybody! The event is less than a week away. Now is the perfect time to apply to jobs and upload your CV. There are nearly 400 available positions for you to apply for. Don't wait, do it now! See you soon!

You can find the jobs by following this link:

Best regards,

Work in Lapland team and Santa