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UAlg Online Careers Fair

Event date:
28 November 2019
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About this event

University of Algarve, together with IEFP / EURES Portugal and EURES Cross-border Andalucía / Algarve, will be holding the first UAlg Online Careers Fair, on November 28th 2019.

This is an event aimed at providing employers from all over Europe an opportunity to meet and make contact to highly qualified professionals (ca. 8000 students and more than 30,000 graduates / alumni ) from different qualification areas educated in one of the referenced Portuguese Universities, but also graduates from other Portuguese and Spanish universities, as well as across the EU/EEA, who are looking for a job, traineeship, research, entrepreneurship or voluntary work opportunity – with a broad scope of qualifications and skills.

A wide range of recruitment opportunities will be available for employers , from the publishing of your recruitment needs (either they are jobs, traineeships or research opportunities), gathering and screening of applications on the website to scheduling and conducting online interview in a time chosen by you. You may as well share a video about your company & recruitment needs - or participate in the event Programme with a live presentation, streamed either from a UAlg Auditorium or from your office (this option requires connection & technical testing in advance).

We provide you with technical support and EURES assistance - in the matching and in preparing your participation - before, during and after the event.

If you are looking for a job, you will be able to screen through and apply to jobs / traineeship / research opportunities matching your profile, make contact to employers and labour market experts from some European countries and maybe even schedule (one or more) recruitment interview(s) during the event day. You will also benefit from a live streamed Programme of thematic info sessions & workshops covering different topics, within job search, traineeships, R&D, mobility and entrepreneurship.

We will be glad to have you joining. You can do so online, from anywhere in Europe, or (if you are in the Algarve) from an Auditorium in Gambelas Campus (@ the University)!


So we invite you ALL to

SAVE THE DATE: November 28th


  • from 10:00 to 17:30 (GMT, Portugal mainland timezone)
  • from 11:00 to 18:30 (CET, Central Europe timezone)

... and to REGISTER NOW!

Participation is free of charge, both for jobseekers and exhibitors.




For further info about registration and participating conditions, please contact: or