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Information for Jobseekers

Hei jobseekers! Get the most out of the event by following this quick guide:

1. Upload and Improve your profile/CV right now, Find out how!

2. Apply for jobs right away and keep checking for new postings! Click here!

3. Prepare for interviews

4. Use the event agenda, which will be published around week before the event. Click here!

5. Get to know the exhibitors by clicking here!

6. Chat with exhibitors on the event day!

7. Enjoy the event and come to say "hi!" in the public chat!


Detailed information for jobseekers:

Upload and improve your CV:

  • Pay attention to your language, technical or soft skills, as well as education fields.
  • You can add your picture.  
  • Upload your CV in English or retrieve it from the EURES portal. You can also add your online professional profile or portfolio, for example from LinkedIn.
  • Watch a video on account registration for jobseekers

Apply for jobs:

Please make sure you have the matching profile for the job you are applying for!
If your profile does not match the job requirements, exhibitor might not review your application.

Job opportunities increase, as the date of the event approaches, so browse through the various job options, and apply as soon as possible for those matching your skills and expectations.

Exhibitors may interview you on the day and some of them will attend the event and be available to answer additional questions that you may have.

In case you are pre-selected, you will get a notification by the employer(s) on possible timeslots for the interview, to which you should answer as quickly as possible.


Prepare for interviews:

In order to be better prepared, you should research background information on the participating companies, their main projects and recruitment needs. Select the ones you want to approach and consider the questions you may want to ask. Anticipate the questions the employer / recruiter may present you with.

Interviews and recruitments during Covid-19

Interviews and testing are being held remotely using various online tools. The employers will select a method appropriate to the current situation.

Companies are working proactively on finding the right candidates, but you should be aware that moving to Finland will depend on the national guidelines being followed in the countries concerned.

Companies participating in the event are required to:

  • Ensure compliance with the latest national legislation relating to Covid 19
  • Outline the conditions under which workers from other countries will be accepted whatever Covid 19 guidelines are in force. This is regarding matters such as quarantine or the need for a health certificate etc. You have to clarify this before leaving your home country.

Financial support for citizens from an EU country, Norway or Iceland

If, after the event, you are invited for an onsite interview by one or more of the employers, you may be entitled to financial support to cover travel expenses through the Targeted Mobility Scheme /Your First EURES Job (YFEJ).

Important: you will need to apply for these supports well before the interview date!

Find out how by contacting your local EURES services or by getting in contact with