Event date:
16 October 2023
Event type:
Online / Onsite
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About this event

Thank you for joining the Work in Flanders - Iberian jobdays event. 

On October 16th from 16h to 17h30, we host an livestream where you can get info on the project and the job opportunities in Flanders, get to know the participating employers and get other specific info on living and working in Flanders and subsidiary schemes.  You can follow us on the program of this event. 

After this session, you can apply for jobs on the platform. Because it's an exclusive hidden event, you will need to go through the jobs on the platform to apply.  If you want to have an overview of our participating employers, go to the employers section. 

After you have applied, the employers can invite you either for an in-depth job interview in  Madrid on 7 November or in Lisbon on 9 November for , depending on your place of residence, so check back regularly in this event to see if you have a pending invitation. Since this is a hidden event it will not show on the open platform, therefore you need to keep the direct link to this event or save it as a favorite. After registering you will also find the event in your dashboard as a direct link.

Do not miss out on this opportunity if you want a career change abroad!