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Lithuania is waiting for you!

Event date:
01 October 2020
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About this event

Lithuania is a beautiful country located at the geographical centre of Europe, covered by green forests and washed by the Baltic Sea. It is a country proud of the Lithuanian language and its old traditions. And it is open for new employees from all over the world!

The EURES Lithuania team would like to invite everyone to take part in the European Job Day "Lithuania is waiting for you"!
What can you expect during the event and why should you attend?

This is a great opportunity for Lithuanian employers, jobseekers and people intending to return to their homeland to meet in a virtual space. It is also a chance for workers from other EU Member States, wherever they live in Europe. Different experiences, knowledge, new opportunities and contacts - all in one place, one day. Completely free!

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about:

  • Labour market situation
  • Aspects of social security relevant to migrants
  • Job mobility programs providing financial support to employers and jobseekers
  • Job, career and business prospects in Lithuania

The EOJD event will offer you a great opportunity to start your career in Lithuania and ensure your relocation to the country is as smooth as possible. EURES specialists, a huge list of employers and many important institutions are ready to assist you! 

Save the date and let's meet online on the 1st of October 2020!

Lithuania is waiting for you!


Užimtumo tarnybos EURES Lietuva komanda kviečia visus dalyvauti Europos darbo dienų renginyje „Lietuva Jūsų laukia“! Kas tai per renginys ir kodėl jame vertėtų dalyvauti? Tai puiki galimybė virtualioje erdvėje susitikti  Lietuvos darbdaviams ir darbo ieškantiems bei į Tėvynę ketinantiems sugrįžti žmonėms. Taip pat –  darbuotojams iš kitų ES valstybių narių, kad ir kurioje Europos vietoje jie dabar gyvena. Skirtingos patirtys, žinios, naujos galimybės ir kontaktai – viskas vienoje vietoje, vieną dieną. Visiškai nemokamai.

 Nepraleiskite šanso sužinoti apie:

  • Darbo rinkos situaciją
  • Migrantams aktualius socialinės apsaugos aspektus
  • Finansinę paramą darbdaviams ir darbo ieškantiems asmenims teikiančias darbo mobilumo programas
  • Darbo, karjeros ir verslo perspektyvas Lietuvoje

 Susitikime virtualiame renginyje spalio 1 d.!

 Lietuva visų Jūsų labai laukia...