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ICT European Online Job Day, Ireland

Event date:
09 May 2014
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About this event

Are you an Irish-based employer looking for ICT talent? 
Interested in recruiting the best professionals from Europe?

Are you a jobseeker with ICT skills? 
Looking for a career in Ireland? 

The ICT Online European Job Day organised from Ireland is aimed at attracting software and IT talent from across Europe to join its booming technology sector.

Ireland is the largest exporter of computer and IT services in Europe. Global leaders such as Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft and Apple are long established in Ireland and are complemented by innovative technology creators like Realex, Datalex, CR2, iQuate and Ezetop. These have been joined by newer iconic names like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, Paypal, Ebay and Twitter and exciting new Irish companies like Datahug, Feedhenry and Storyful. Dublin is also Europe’s leading hub of innovative games companies like Big Fish, EA, Havok, Trust 5, Demonware, Zynga, Popcap, Riot Games and Jolt. This thriving technology industry offers exciting career opportunities whether you want to work for a tech giant or a dynamic smaller company developing leading edge technologies of the future.

If you are a jobseeker, at the ICT Online European Job Day you will be able to search and apply for jobs that match your profile, make contact with employers and book one or more job interviews during the event. You can also view company presentations online and ask questions after each presentation. Furthermore, you will be able to attend the virtual presentations ‘Your First EURES Job’ (European financial support available to mobile workers) and ‘Living and Working in Ireland’. 

Employers will have access to a range of recruitment services, including publishing your vacancies on the event’s website, automatic screening and matching of CVs and the scheduling and conducting of online interviews on the day of the event. During the event, employers will also be able to present their companies and hold live chats and Q&A sessions with potential employees from Europe. 

The event will be widely advertised in Europe through social media platforms and online advertising. Participation is free of charge for both companies and jobseekers

Save the date and make IT online on 9 May 2014!


ICT European Online Job Day, Ireland is open for registration

We are happy to announce that the ICT European Online Job Day, Ireland is open for registration now!

Click here to register and take the first step towards your new ICT career in Ireland!


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