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Green Jobs in Ireland

Event date:
25 May 2022
Event type:
Registration status:

Information for Jobseekers: how to participate in this online event

How to participate in this online event and get a job out of it?


  • Register for ‘Green Jobs in Ireland’ event here

  • Upload your CV and apply for any suitable jobs advertised for this event.

You can access all jobs here. We are still expecting more jobs in the coming days.

REMEMBER: Registering for this event and uploading your CV is not enough. If you want employers to view your CV and be able to invite you for an interview you must apply for the job vacancies.


  • Closer to the event’s date - log in to to check if you have any interview invitations pending and confirm your availability.

Employers can schedule online interviews on 25th, 26th and 27th of May so make sure you also log in and check your profile for interview invitations after the event.

Watch video tutorials explaining how to apply, schedule and attend an interview online on


  • Join us online on 25th May for some great presentations and chats with exhibitors. Event’s agenda is available here.

During the event, employers and EURES Advisers will be available online on a chat to answer your questions. If you don't have any pre-set interviews, this may be still your chance to get more information on job requirements and to apply for jobs of some interest to you.


  • Don’t forget to attend your online interview!

If you have an interview time slot confirmed with an exhibitor, simply go to the Job applications / Interviews“ section in your dashboard menu and click on the button "Start video chat" to meet the exhibitor at the agreed interview time. You will be automatically redirected to a video call where the interview can take place.


  • If you have any questions before the event, you can contact EURES Ireland at


There is still time to apply for jobs!

You can register and apply for jobs advertised for this event via this platform until 29th May or by contacting employers directly:

List of all jobs including information on required qualifications/ experience can be uploaded from the top of his page  (breakdown of the job vacancies by sector).