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European Job Days – Porto

Event date:
29 - 30 October 2013
Event type:
Online / Onsite
Registration status:

How to participate

Como participar?

  • registe-se como participante ("visitor") em  (a entrada é gratuita, mas a inscrição prévia é obrigatória);
  • estude informação sobre as empresas, os países participantes (Exhibitors) e as suas necessidades / perfis de recrutamento (Jobs List);
  • pesquise as oportunidades de emprego (Jobs) para as quais reúne perfil;
  • candidate-se (na plataforma) às oportunidades de emprego que se adequam ao seu perfil; respeite sempre a língua de candidatura solicitada (por regra, o inglês), caso contrário esta não será considerada.

Algumas empresas realizam entrevistas de seleção nos dias 29 e 30, com base em candidaturas apresentadas previamente e pré-selecionadas.

No caso de ser pré-selecionado(a), poderá participar em uma ou mais entrevistas nos dias do evento.

  • consulte o Programa de sessões de apresentação, “workshops” e apresentações de empresas (em atualização até dia 21 de outubro); não se esqueça de que este será igualmente transmitido online;
  • prepare-se, selecione países, empresas e serviços de apoio à mobilidade a abordar, identifique questões a colocar.


Nos dias do evento:

  • para um melhor aproveitamento das oportunidades de informação, aconselhamento e contacto com empregadores, aconselhamos que reserve o dia inteiro;
  • no âmbito do Programa de sessões de informação sobre países e apresentações de empresas, seja seletivo(a); escolha aquelas que estão efetivamente à procura do seu perfil e competências;
  • embora a abordagem ideal pressuponha a candidatura prévia, por via eletrónica, deve levar consigo alguns CVs em inglês; nomeadamente, se pretender beneficiar de aconselhamento nos pontos de informação EURES dos países participantes;
  • na abordagem aos "stands", a apresentação é importante, mas também um bom nível de inglês e uma atitude positiva e assertiva; também o conhecimento demonstrado relativamente às empresas e aos seus principais projetos, bem como aos países, será uma mais-valia - pelo que deve tanto quanto possível documentar-se.


Muito longe?

O evento vai estar também disponível online.

Visite regularmente para mais informação.


Bergen University College (Norway) is recruiting!

Bergen University College (Norway) is recruiting Assistant and Associate Professors in the Engineering area - only today, at EXPONOR.

BERGEN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (HØGSKOLEN I BERGEN – HiB) is one of the largest university colleges in Norway, with about 7000 students and 700 academic and administrative staff. HiB offers high quality study programmes directed towards specific professions within health and social sciences, engineering, teacher and preschool teacher education

THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING offers engineering studies in most engineering disciplines, as well as bachelor studies in several disciplines, among others business administration. Presently the Faculty has 2000 students and 180 faculty members.

The Faculty is currently recruiting Associate and Assistant Professors in the following disciplines:

  • Highway Planning
  • Water and Sewerage Planning
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration Technology
  • Hydraulics, Hydraulic Systems

Available at stand E13 at EXPONOR, only today.

Further info on the profiles

Join the EURES Advisers and Employers through Live Chat!

Did you know you can get in touch with employers and EURES Advisers online, during these 2 days?

You will have EURES Advisers from the participating countries available during some hours to chat with you online, on a personalized basis. Also several companies will only be available online. Why not try a contact then? If you could not join the event onsite, this might be your chance.

You can join by clicking on the button below.

Pretty soon we will also have a schedule of online availability for tomorrow.


National Oilwell Varco will be at EXPONOR next week

National Oilwell Varco Norway AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Oilwell Varco Inc., which has its head office in Houston, Texas. National Oilwell Varco is a global leader within the sale, design, manufacture and implementation of systems and products for the oil and gas industry. National Oilwell Varco is an internationally recognised supplier of innovative high-technology solutions and has more than 60,000 employers spread over 60 countries. National Oilwell Varco AS currently has 4,200 employees in Norway, and its head office is located in Kristiansand. The company also has regional offices in Stavanger, Molde, Oslo and Arendal, as well as local offices in Tønsberg and Trondheim.

National Oilwell Varco Inc. is a global, expanding and innovative company. We have recently established an Engineering office in Lisbon and are therefore seeking to appoint talented engineers within the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation, Hydraulics, Structural Calculation and Software & Automation. Our aim is that NOV Portugal, which is a subsidiary of National Oilwell Varco Norway, shall have 70-80 skilled engineers before January 2014. The workplace will be at our office in Lisbon, working with our divisions in Norway.

Some testimonies of Portuguese Engineers who were recruited in the previous European Job Days edition in Lisbon (October 2012):

"When I visited the European Job Days last year I could never expect to be where I am now. The opportunities were many, as well the foreign companies, especially from Norway and Denmark, countries where I was looking for an opportunity to develop my career. But all changed when I realized that NOV was looking for engineers for a new office in Lisbon. I changed the course of ideas and embraced this huge opportunity of working in NOV! The European Job Days along with NOV have plenty of new challenges for passionate engineers, and I was just in the right place at the right time!"

Pedro Gaspar

Design Engineer, Derrick Systems 

"In October 2012, when I visited the European Job Days, I could not imagine that this would change my life in a very positive way. In NOV stand I found a good receptivity. They schedule an interview for the next day. This interview ran in such a way that now I’m part of the team of Design Engineers in the BOP Handling Department.

Paulo Almeida

Design Engineer, BOP Handling

"I first came in contact with NOV at the European Job Days, Oct. 2012. During the aforementioned event, the people responsible for representing NOV have always shown to be open and caring in the questions they asked me, as well as to the questions that I posed. Ever since I started working at NOV, that same open and caring demeanor is very evident and ingrained in the company’s work culture. I have had the pleasure to work with amazing people that prize a fantastic work environment and help each other surmount any challenges they might face. It has been a privilege to be among the first group of people to start the company’s new office in Lisbon; this is a very interesting and exciting career opportunity."

Rui Carvalho

Design Engineer, Derrick Systems


Further info on National Oilwell Varco and open job vacancies

Pre-registration essential for entry to EJD Porto onsite

There are just a few days to go to the European Job Days Porto and preparations are well underway for the onsite and online events this 29-30 October.

For those planning to attend the onsite event at the EXPONOR in Porto, you must pre-register to gain entry to the Job Day. Registration is free but access to the event is by printed ticket only. Only visitors with a valid ticket will be allowed to enter the venue. Once you have completed the registration process, you can find your ticket in your account in the My e-tickets section (you must be logged in in order to download and print the ticket).

Don’t miss out on what’s on offer. With dozens of companies and exhibitors and a comprehensive programme of presentations and workshops, the European Job Days Porto is set to be an exciting and informative event.

So please remember to bring your printed entry ticket along with you as only visitors with a valid ticket will be allowed to enter the venue!

And, don’t forget, for those who can’t be there in person, you can attend online and watch the whole thing live at

European Job Days - Porto is open for registration

We are happy to announce that the European Job Days Porto is open for registration now!