Why working in Slovenia might be a good choice?

​Slovenia lies between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea and offers its inhabitants a moderate climate, stunning green nature, rich culture and a delicious culinary experience.

Facts :

  • Work-life balance, community and health are the qualities most cherished by those living in Slovenia.
  • Most Slovenians claim to be satisfied with their lives and feel safe in their environment. Over 70 % of Slovenians can speak a foreign language, especially English, German and Italian are widely used. 
  • Population: 2.117.674
  • Small country with an area of 20.273 km2
  • GDP growth in 2022: 5,4% (the highest in our history)
  • Average gross salary in June 2023:  EUR 2.205,81 (EUR 1.431,61 net).
  • Unemployment in the 1st quarter of 2023: 3,8 % (the lowest in our history)

Why working in ICT and TECH sector in Slovenia ?

  • Slovenia is a strategic supplier to the automotive industry
  • In the chemical industry Slovenia is a world leader in the supply of building materials and specific components

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