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The COVID-19 pandemic interrupted the strong economic growth performance in 2016-19, which entailed large increases in employment and real incomes, and the lowest unemployment rate in thirty years. The swift vaccination rollout allows a faster recovery from the pandemic from mid-2021 onwards In August 2022, the average number of employed persons aged 15–74 years was 4 million 713 thousand. In the June–August period of 2022, the average number of employed persons equalled 4 million 711 thousand, which was 52 thousand more than in the same period of the previous year. In July 2022 full-time employees’ gross average earnings were HUF 500,000, while average net earnings with tax benefits reached HUF 344,700. Average gross earnings grew by 15.3%, and average net earnings were 16.0% higher than a year earlier. The growth of the minimum wage and minimum wage for skilled workers as well as the previously scheduled and additional wage increases contributed in the first place to the increase in average earnings. Real earnings rose by 1.4% compared with the previous year


Short overview of the labour market
Hot jobs

Hungary on the EURES portal:

Salaries in Hungary:

Sectors where you have a good chance to find a job in Hungary quick in 2020/2021:

1. IT

2. Marketing, Sales and Business Communication

3. HR

4. Accounting and Financial

5. Customer Services, SSC

6. Automotive, Construction

7. Mechanical Engineering

8. Health Sector

Shortage occupations in Hungary 2020:

01. Elementary Workers Not Elsewhere Classified (ISCO 9239)

02. Manufacturing Labourers Not Elsewhere Classified (ISCO 9310)

03. Building Construction Labourers (ISCO 9329)

04. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Labourers (ISCO 9331)

05. Cleaners and Helpers in Offices, Hotels and other Establishments (ISCO 9112)

06. Kitchen Helpers (ISCO 9112)

07. General Office Clerks (ISCO 9236)

08. Other Cleaning Workers (ISCO 4112)

09. Mechanical Machinery Assemblers (ISCO 9119)

10. Heavy Truck and Lorry Drivers (ISCO 8211)

11. Hand Packers (ISCO 8417)

12. Personal Care Workers in Health Services Not Elsewhere Classified (ISCO 9225)

12. Shop Sales Assistants (ISCO 5229)

13. Cooks (ISCO 5113)

14. Assemblers Not Elsewhere Classified (ISCO 5134)

15. Freight Handlers (ISCO 8219)

16. Civil Engineering Labourers (ISCO 9223)

17. Structural Metal Preparers and Erectors (ISCO 7321)

18. Bricklayers and Related Workers (ISCO 7511)

Job opportunities and sources:

Hungarian Career Portals, where you can find a job:

Other career portals in Hungary, where you can find a job:

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