Xelvin is a specialist in the seconding of enterprising engineers. Xelvin owes its success to one important operating principle: it offers candidates and companies the power of freedom that comes from being able to make a conscious choice.

By being an open organization in which sincerely interested people enjoy a healthy amount of freedom, Xelvin forms a bond of trust that enables people to make conscious choices on their own. Not premeditated choices or ready-made choices that are generated by up-front efficiency processes, but choices that are based on a set of unique factors and could not have been made in any other way. Choices that candidates and companies can, in all honesty, call their own.

Xelvin believes in the personal touch, in building personal relationships. Our consultants regularly try to get to know our clients, to see what makes them tick − and for good reason. Because that is the only way we can respond effectively to the specific questions and needs of companies and their employees.

Direct contact and short lines of communication are of paramount importance at Xelvin.

So it follows that Xelvin is averse to the hierarchical pyramid. We have no use for time-consuming management strata and unnecessary staff. Because Xelvin provides the freedom to run an open, flat organisation, all background noise is reduced to a minimum. The result is an agile organization with striking power where it is needed most.

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Bram Boogers
Operationeel Manager                          
R&D Department

Dr Holtroplaan 5c 
5652 XR Eindhoven

M: +31(0)6-23143792
T: +31(0)40-2910056
E: b.boogers@xelvin.nl
I: www.xelvin.nl
S: XelvinWaalwijk

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