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Workindenmark invites jobseekers from the Scandinavian countries and other EU/EEA countries to participate in the job fair Crossing Nordic Borders on February 24, 2022.

Danish employers from sectors such as hospitality, construction, transport / logistics, IT, Life Science, engineering, industry and health will promote their job vacancies in advance of and during the event.

Remember to visit our “Denmark” stand/country profile. You will find many job vacancies from Danish employers there as well.

Looking for more job opportunities in Denmark? Check the jobs published on


Workindenmark byder jobsøgere fra Skandinaviske og EU/EEA lande velkommen til online jobmessen ”Crossing Nordic Borders” den 24 februar 2022.

Danske arbejdsgivere fra hotel/restauration, bygge/anlæg, transport/logistik, IT, Life Science, industri, teknologi og sundheds brancher vil annoncere deres ledige stillinger, og vi opfordrer alle jobsøgere til at søge de job, som matcher dine kvalifikationer.

Husk at besøge vores ”Danmark” stand, hvor vi annoncerer mange jobopslag fra danske arbejdsgivere.

Vil du gerne tjekke flere job muligheder i Danmark? Besøg og tjek de mange ledige jobs i Denmark.




Amfitech/Manufacture of electrical equitment: 
looking for Embedded Software Developer.

Visit stand: Amfitech ApS | EURES - European Job Days


DAMM Cellular Systems / Telecommunication:
looking for senior software developers.

Visit stand: DAMM Cellular Systems A/S | EURES - European Job Days

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Information service activities:
looking for sales development representative for Nordics and Benelux.

Visit stand: | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 10:00-11:30 and 14:00-15:00


Fiberline Composites/ Manufacturing: looking for specialist in composite materials mechanics and Process Engineer.

Visit stand: Fiberline Composites A/S | EURES - European Job Days


Hesehus/ Computer programming, consultancy and related activities: looking for software developer, product software developer, cloud software developer and frontend developer.

Visit stand: Jobs | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00


Keepit/ Information and communication: looking for 
Engineering Lead

Visit stand: Keepit | EURES - European Job Days


Kolbeck Vikar / Construktion: 

Visit stand: Kolbeck Vikar | EURES - European Job Days


Nordiccom/Office administrtion, support and other business support activities: looking for Finnish speaking part time consultant for soft debt reminders, part time customer service employee, Danish and Swedish speaking quality control assistant for finance, swedish speaking customer service consultant.

Visit stand: Nordiccom | EURES - European Job Days


Nordjobb/ Employment activities: looking for seasonal workers within hotel and restaurant, culture and turisme, cleaning and other industries: looking for workers across the nordic

Visit stand: Nordjobb | EURES - European Job Days


Rekrutteringskompagniet ApS: Recruiting staff for companies within construction: looking for welders, truck mechanic, woodworkers, carpenters, painters and electricians.

Visit stand: Rekrutteringskompagniet ApS | EURES - European Job Days


Shape Games/computer programming, consultancy and related activities:
looking for iOS developer, Android developer og Backend developer.

Visit stand: Shape Games | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 16:00-18:00


Salling Group/Transportation and storage: looking for dilerery drivers

Visit stand: Salling Group | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 10:00-14:00


Semco Maritime/Oil &Gas: looking for maintenance & preservation technician offshore Esbjerg, HVAC technicians offshore Esbjerg, Telecom technician offshore Esbjerg, CCR panel room operator offshore Esbjerg,  electrical technician offshore Esbjerg.

Visit stand: Semco Maritime | EURES - European Job Days


Sitel Group/ Information and communication:
looking for Norwegian speaking customer service advisor for medical company and Danish speaking customer service advisor for medical company.

Visit stand: Sitel | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 10:00-15:30


Storstroem Bridge Projekt / Construktion: 

Visit stand: Storstroem Bridge Project | EURES - European Job Days looking for OHS Construction Coordinator and Unsolicited Application within construktion

Avaible for chat: 10:00-11:00 and 13:00-14:30


Workindenmark / national public employment service: looking for candidates on behaff of danish compagnies within the sectors off: Engineering - Information and communications technology - Life Science - Business and Finance - Medical and Healthcare Services - Service and Hospitality - Industry - Transport and Logistics - Construction

Visit stand: Denmark - Eures - Workindenmark | EURES - European Job Days

Avaible for chat: 10:00-18:00




Workindenmark is the national public employment service connecting qualified international candidates looking for a job in Denmark and Danish companies searching for foreign candidates. We are a part of the Danish Ministry of employment and member of European Employment Service ( EURES).

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Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Phone: +45 72 22 33 00



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Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) If you are a citizen of EU, Norway or Iceland, you may receive financial support for a job interview or relocation from the EU

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Job search in Denmark. To give you an edge when looking for a job in Denmark, we have gathered some extra tips and tools for you that might be very useful when tapping in to the Danish job market.

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Publications.Prepare for your stay in Denmark, by reading our Workindenmark publications.

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Workindenmark’s guide, "Welcome to Denmark” contains information for New Citizens about Danish Society as well as useful information which can make it easier for you to settle into professional and private life in Denmark. The guide can be downloaded or ordered in paper via Workindenmark.

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Workindenmark´s mission is to assist Danish companies in attracting and recruiting qualified foreign candidates in sectors, where Danish companies face skills shortages.

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Targeted Mobility Scheme (TMS) EU offers financial support to small or medium size companies, to facilitate recruitment and the integration process when you hire EU, Norwegian or Icelandic citizens.

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Recruiting a foreign employee. Recruiting a foreign employee offers you a series of opportunities. The process does not have to be difficult, as long as you make sure all the basics are taken care of.

Workindenmark provides information, guidance and help with the process.

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Place your job ad. If you place a job ad at our job portal, you will reach thousands of international candidates looking for a job in Denmark. If you also place it at the EURES job portal you will expand the search pool even further.

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Publications.Prepare for hiring new employees, by reading our Workindenmark publications.

·         Welcome to Denmark

Workindenmark’s guide, "Welcome to Denmark” contains information for new citizens about Danish society as well as useful information which can make it easier for you to settle into professional and private life in Denmark. The guide can be downloaded or ordered in paper via Workindenmark.

·         Medarbejdere fra udlandet (Danish)

Learn more about recruiting employees from abroad.



Sustainable energy in Denmark

Denmark has always been a pioneer in clean energy and an expert in using nature´s power as energy for people

The energy sector creates many different job opportunities. In all parts of the sector, there is a great need for qualified workers – Engineers, IT professionals, Electricians, Plant Operators, Welders, metal workers, and many more.

Should you be interested in a job within the energy sector, here are some of the companies looking for employees:

Semco Maritime : Semco Maritime | EURES - European Job Days

Fiberline: Fiberline Composites A/S | EURES - European Job Days

Workindenmark on behalf on companies in Denmark: Workindenmark

Further information and inspirational videos regarding sustainable energy in Denmark go to:

Sustainable energy in Denmark (



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