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International services of the public employement services of Flanders (Region in Belgium)

Are you a Pro in Engineering or do you have a technical backround?  Do you have an experienced background in IT,  Maintenance, Construction, Processing, Science, Electronics, Robotics…? 

Or would you be interested to do a seasonal job in horticulture?

Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination?

The international employment service in Flanders is carefully, although courageously, looking forward to the future: We keep the European mobility dialogue open, especially during difficult times!

Flanders, one of the 3 Belgian regions, is integrated in one of the most dynamic economic areas in Central Europe, keeping its growth trend since end-2013. It’s where the heart of technology beats and inventions for the future are given birth to every day.

However, employers keep facing shortages of qualified professionals, namely in Engineering, Construction and Technology domains. 

You can find information on our bustling region and many available jobopportunities on or have a look at our introduction video!




Hot jobs

Lots of jobs for technical profiles in construction, industry and IT.

You can all our jobopportunities on

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🗣️ You can join us onsite on the 18th from 10h to 18h WEST.

💬 You can also find us online on the 18th from 10h to 16h WEST in the chat.





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